10 Light and Airy Living Room Paint Colors
to Elevate Your Space

When it comes to creating a welcoming and refreshing living room, the right paint color can make all the difference. And it's one of the cheapest "upgrades" you can do. In this article, I'll explore the top 10 light and airy living room paint colors that brighten your space and create a zen-like atmosphere.

10 light and airy living room paint colors

I'll also discuss the best colors for small living rooms, open floor plans, and living rooms with wood or white trim. Additionally, I'll take a look at the newest living room paint colors for the remainder of 2024 and some of Joanna Gaines' favorite Magnolia paint colors for the living room.

I love Joanna (and Chip!) What a hard-working talented couple they are.

The Best Colors to Paint a Living Room

Soft Whites: Soft white paint colors, such as Sherwin Williams' Shoji White (SW 7042) or Behr's Whisper White (HDC-MD-08), create a clean and airy feel in any living room.

Shoji White SW 7042 Sherwin WilliamsShoji White SW 7042 Sherwin Williams
Whisper White HDC-MD-08 BehrWhisper White HDC-MD-08 Behr

Light Neutrals: Light neutral colors, like pale greige (a combination of gray and beige), can add depth and sophistication to your living room without overpowering the space. Try Sherwin Williams' Eider White (SW 7014) or Behr's Silver Drop (790C-2).

Eider White 7014 Sherwin WilliamsEider White 7014
Sherwin Williams
Silver Drop 790C-2 BehrSilver Drop 790C-2 Behr

Soft Pastel Tones: Light, soft pastel tones like pale blues, greens, and pinks can create a calming and soothing atmosphere in your living room. Consider Sherwin Williams' Sea Salt (SW 6204) or Behr's Light Drizzle (N480-1).

Sea Salt 6204 Sherwin WilliamsSea Salt 6204
Sherwin Williams
Light Drizzle N480-1 BehrLight Drizzle N480-1 Behr
extreme how-to best living room paint colors

Check out Extreme howto for more living room paint color ideas. Click the image or Read MORE here.

Trendy Living Room Paint Colors

Two-Tone Walls: Painting your living room walls in two complementary light colors can add visual interest and depth to the space. Try pairing a soft white with a light neutral or a pale pastel.

Airy Hues: Light, airy hues like pale sage green, soft sky blue, or delicate shell pink can create a fresh and inviting atmosphere in your living room. Consider Sherwin Williams' Privilege Green (SW 6193) or Behr's Serene Sky (540C-2). Admittedly, the Privilege Green is a rather dark, bold choice which I'd use for an accent wall.

Privilege Green 6193 Sherwin WilliamsPrivilege Green 6193 Sherwin Williams
Serene Sky 540C-2 BehrSerene Sky 540C-2 Behr

Living Room Paint Colors for Specific Needs

Small Living Rooms: To make a small living room feel larger and more open, opt for light colors like soft whites, pale grays, or light pastels. Try Behr's Polar Bear (75) or Sherwin Williams' Spare White (SW 6203).

Open Floor Plans: When painting an open floor plan living room and kitchen, choose light colors that create a seamless transition between the two spaces. Opt for light neutrals like warm whites, pale grays, or soft beiges.

Living Rooms with Wood or White Trim: If your living room has wood or white trim, choose light paint colors that complement the trim.

  • For wood trim, consider soft, light earthy tones or pale neutrals.
  • For white trim, you can choose from a variety of light hues that will create a bright and airy feel.

Love This Skinny Jeans Behr Paint Color

RoomDsgn Skinny Jeans living room paint color by Behr

The site above shows a plethora of different shades of blue, but my fave is the "Skinny Jeans" shown above and would make a lovely accent wall color choice. Click the image or Read MORE here.

Joanna Gaines' Favorite
Magnolia Paint Colors for Living Rooms

Shiplap: This soft, creamy white is a staple in Joanna Gaines' designs and is perfect for creating a light and airy living room.

Ella Rose: A light, soft pink that adds a touch of warmth and femininity to your living room.

Webster Avenue: A deep and dusty berry that creates a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere in any living room.

Shiplap - Magnolia brand Joanna GainesShiplap - Magnolia brand Joanna Gaines
Ella Rose - Magnolia brand Joanna GainesElla Rose - Magnolia brand Joanna Gaines
Webster Avenue - Magnolia brand Joanna GainesWebster Avenue
Magnolia brand
Joanna Gaines

Newest Living Room Paint Colors for 2024

For the remainder of 2024, some of the newest light and airy living room paint color trends include:

Soft Pastels: Pale pinks, blues, and greens that create a calming and soothing atmosphere.

Light Earthy Neutrals: Soft beiges, light taupes, and pale terracottas that bring a sense of nature and groundedness to your living room.

Airy Jewel Tones: Light, airy versions of jewel tones like pale jade green, soft aqua blue, and delicate lilac that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living space.

When the paint is Dry... Sit Back and Enjoy

The right light and airy paint color for your living room transforms the entire feel of your home. Whether you're looking to create a bright and open space, a calming and soothing atmosphere, or a trendy and sophisticated look, there's a paint color that's perfect for you.

By considering the size of your living room, the existing trim, and your personal style, you can select a light color that will elevate your space and make it a joy to spend time in.

And as I mentioned at the top of the page, paint is one of the cheapest makeovers to do. And if you don't like it? Paint over it!

50 Million Shades of Grey

Office building and a school, grey striped background

While 50 million shades of grey have been a popular wall paint color choice for the past three to five years, is it time to return to the warmer colors of the 90s? Before you faint on me, hear me out.

While shades of grey create a posh, sleek look, it also reminds me of a government office, or school building, neither of which are places I enjoy visiting or learning in. I'm not calling for a return of greige, though I've used the mix of grey and beige many times myself. It's a great color for when you can't commit, right? It's safe.

Nomadic Plains or Desert at WalmartNomadic Plains or Desert at Walmart

My favorite "greige" for many years was "Nomadic Plains," certainly more beige than grey, and that's OK.

Currently my walls are white because I love the cottage look.

You know, white walls, dramatic ceiling beams. Accent pillows and artwork provide the color pops and can be changed out on a whim.

Wall paint colors take a wee bit more than a whim to tackle. It takes some thought, planning, and hard work to repaint walls. But once it's done, it's done!

In my about page, I joke how my brother says my home gets smaller and smaller inside, due to the many different coats of paints over the years. He's not wrong. So yeah, the hardest part about painting is the prep work and that includes moving the furniture out of the way...

Choosing light and airy living room paint colors creates a more "open" space to me, as dark colors stop the eye. I do love an accent wall though. But you have to be careful if you're going to stencil the wall or wallpaper it. Why? If it's a busy pattern, the stuff on your shelving units on each side of the TV tends to get lost amid the pattern, so a solid shade for a accent wall works better and makes your items on the shelves stand out.

10 Living Room Paint Colors by Behr and Sherwin Williams

If you're afraid of an accent wall, or don't need one, paint the whole room with any of these top colors from Behr and Sherwin Williams paint-brands - with five from each company:

Behr and Sherwin Williams top white paint colors


  1. Whisper White HDC-MD-08
  2. Polar Bear 75
  3. Silky White PPu7-12
  4. Chalk 750A-1
  5. Silver Drop 790C-2

Sherwin Williams:

  1. Shoji White SW 7042
  2. Eider White SW 7014
  3. Spare White SW 6203
  4. Incredible White SW 7028
  5. Westhighland White SW 7566
Behr and Sherwin Williams top white paint colors


  1. Whisper White HDC-MD-08
  2. Polar Bear 75
  3. Silky White PPu7-12
  4. Chalk 750A-1
  5. Silver Drop 790C-2

Sherwin Williams:

  1. Shoji White SW 7042
  2. Eider White SW 7014
  3. Spare White SW 6203
  4. Incredible White SW 7028
  5. Westhighland White SW 7566

Tackle Those Walls with Gusto!

Get armed with sandpaper, spackle, and a good scraper. Remove picture hangers (come on, don't be lazy!). However, if you're keeping the room layout the same and you love the placement of your art where it is, then there's no need to remove the nail, or screw. I use curved picture hanging hooks so I do remove those.

I prefer to use a canvas drop cloth as I don't slip on them, versus a plastic drop cloth. The heavier canvas drop cloth stays in place and I don't get my feet tangled up in it when moving the ladder.

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