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Transform Your Kitchen:
Creative Ways to Hide Eyesores

by Susan Gast

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, where we cook and make memories. But even the best kitchens can have some ugly spots. From big appliances to messy countertops, these eyesores can make your kitchen look, er, less nice.

Modern kitchen with white cabinets, marble countertops, open shelvingModern kitchen with white cabinets, marble countertops, open shelving. I'll take two of these, please!

Don't worry! With some creativity and smart ideas, you can make your kitchen look neat and beautiful. In this article, we'll explore fun and easy ways to hide kitchen eyesores, making your kitchen both useful and pretty.

Understanding Kitchen Eyesores

Common Kitchen Eyesores

Kitchens can have many eyesores like big appliances, messy countertops, and exposed trash bins. Knowing what these eyesores are is the first step to making your kitchen look better. I think we're all guilty of leaving the toaster on the countertop...

Impact on Looks

Eyesores can make your kitchen look messy and less inviting. Fixing these issues can make your kitchen look nicer and more organized, making it a better place to cook and hang out. And most of the fixes in this post are super cost-effective so there's no need to rob a bank or take out a second, third, or fourth mortgage.

Why a Tidy Kitchen Matters

A tidy kitchen looks better and works better. When everything has a place, cooking and cleaning are easier, and the kitchen feels more welcoming. Having somewhere to store stuff is key to keeping your kitchen tidy. And how knows? Your food might taste better too...

Keep reading for tips and affordable must-get items on Amazon to make your kitchen beautiful! A neat and pretty kitchen increases your home's value.

The small product images (coming up) are from and they use my affiliate links. Thanks.

Smart Storage Ideas

Kitchen with open shelvingI love this, but I would not be able reach the shelves and they're a bit cluttered IMHO

If you're into open shelving, and they are all the rage, then make sure you can reach them. Otherwise they're purely for decoration. I think the owners of this kitchen went a little overboard with the stuff of their shelves - no offense!

Using Vertical Space

Use Self-Stick Hooks to hang your measuring cups on the backside of a cupboard door.

Just make sure that the door can close and the measuring cups won't get smashed against the shelf, OK?

Using vertical space is a great way to hide eyesores.

Install shelves, hooks, and racks on walls to keep countertops clear and store items that would otherwise clutter your kitchen.

Hidden Storage Spots

Hidden storage spots are super helpful. Install pull-out drawers, hidden cabinets, and under-counter storage to keep things out of sight but easy to reach.

These spots can store small appliances and cleaning supplies, keeping your kitchen tidy.

Should I get it... or forget it?

Amazon Reviews: Key Takeaway

The REALINN under sink organizer is a practical and sturdy storage solution for kitchen or bathroom cabinets. It features a two-tier design with a slide-out shelf, making it easy to access items stored in the back of the cabinet. The organizer is simple to assemble and comes with suction cups or double-sided foam tape for secure installation.

While the top shelf is relatively small to accommodate water pipes, it is suitable for storing extra sponges, bottle cleaners, and other small items that would otherwise clutter the sink area. The bottom drawer slides out smoothly, allowing for easy access to stored items and reducing the need to remove or dig past products to reach items in the back.

Although some larger or taller items may not fit and require separate storage, the organizer effectively minimizes under-sink clutter. The product is well-made and fits perfectly in most under-sink cabinet spaces, holding everything users want it to hold.

However, some reviewers found the price point to be a bit high for such a practical item, suggesting that there might be cheaper alternatives available. Additionally, the slide-out mechanism could benefit from some refinement, as it may feel slightly clunky or cheap. Users should also be cautious about storing high-value or easily tipped items in the trays.

Overall, the REALINN under sink organizer is a sturdy and functional storage solution that effectively reduces clutter and improves accessibility in kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Hiding Appliances

Built-In Appliances

Built-in appliances look sleek and stylish. By integrating appliances like fridges, dishwashers, and microwaves into your cabinets, you create a seamless look. This makes your kitchen look nicer and saves space.

But with a counter-depth refrigerator, I've heard folks moan about the interior space - the cubic foot capacity - or lack thereof. You can still get a standard-depth refrigerator but house it next to a pantry with pull-out shelves. Best of both worlds, huh?

Appliance Garages

Appliance garages are great for parking appliances like toasters and blenders. These small, enclosed spaces keep appliances out of sight when not in use, making your countertops look clean.

Check out this ready-to-finish appliance garage, with a roll-up tambour door.

Should I get it... or forget it?

Amazon Reviews: Key Takeaway

The maple, ready-to-finish appliance garage with a roll-up tambour door is a versatile and well-crafted product that can be customized to match existing kitchen cabinetry. The wood is of good quality, with plywood sides and solid wood railings, making it easy to paint, stain, or finish to suit individual preferences. Many customers have successfully matched the appliance garage to their existing cabinets, with some even mistaking it for the same brand.

The appliance garage is designed for easy customization, allowing users to adjust the height and dimensions to fit their specific space requirements. A coping saw and rasp can be used to make these adjustments, and the wood readily accepts various finishes, such as Walnut Danish Oil or paint.

Assembly is straightforward, and the cabinet holds up well under regular use. The tambour door features a spring-loaded mechanism for easier opening and closing, although some users note that the operation could be smoother. The protruding bar on the tambour door provides a convenient grip for opening and closing the appliance garage.

When installing the appliance garage, it is essential to seal the end grains of the plywood and rails during the finishing process. If attaching the unit to a countertop, it is recommended to use clear silicone caulk along the edges to prevent water from penetrating the wood, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Overall, this ready-to-finish appliance garage is a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen, offering a convenient storage solution for small appliances and other items. Its customizable design and high-quality craftsmanship make it a popular choice among customers looking to enhance their kitchen storage and organization.

Controlling Countertop Clutter

Simple Countertops

Keeping your countertops simple can reduce clutter. Only keep essential items on display and store the rest in cabinets or drawers. This makes your kitchen look cleaner and easier to keep tidy.

Under-cabinet storage is perfect for keeping countertops clear. Install hooks, racks, and shelves under your cabinets to store mugs, utensils, and spices. This frees up counter space and keeps items within easy reach.

Hiding Trash and Recycling Bins

Pull-Out Trash Bins

Pull-out trash bins are a smart and stylish way to hide trash. These bins are installed inside cabinets and can be pulled out on metal sliders as needed. This keeps trash out of sight and your kitchen looking clean. Just remember to empty them often... just sayin'.

This duo of blue and black bins nestle inside a sturdy slide-out track. 15-gallon size.

Should I get it... or forget it?

Amazon Reviews: Key Takeaway

The dual pull-out trash bin system is a practical and convenient solution for kitchen waste management. The set includes two large, sturdy bins - one blue and one black - mounted on a pair of smooth-sliding rails that can be easily installed under a deep sink or cabinet.

The bins are designed to accommodate standard garbage bags, and the elastic bands on the sides help secure the bags in place, preventing them from slipping into the bins when full. This feature is particularly useful and helps keep the bins clean and tidy.

Installation is generally straightforward, with the package including all necessary screws. A drill is recommended for easier installation. However, some users have reported difficulty reaching in to insert the screws due to the wire frame that holds the trash cans, as it doesn't come off during installation.

Once installed, the pull-out system is smooth to operate, even when the bins are full. The sturdy construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance. Many users appreciate the ability to hide their trash cans under the sink, keeping their kitchen looking neat and organized.

However, a few users have reported that the unit can be difficult to slide in and out, even after a break-in period. Additionally, it's crucial to measure the available space carefully before purchasing, as the unit may not fit in all cabinets, especially when accounting for the extra room needed for the front handle.

Overall, while some users find the product to be just "OK," the majority of customers are satisfied with this dual pull-out trash bin system, praising its sturdiness, practicality, and ease of use. It is an excellent choice for those looking to optimize their kitchen space and streamline their waste management process.

Hiding Electrical Outlets and Cords

Pop-Up Outlets

Pop-up outlets are a cool way to hide electrical outlets. These outlets can be installed in countertops and hidden when not in use. This reduces clutter and provides a handy power source.

If you don't fancy doing-it-yourself, by all means hire an electrician. Line up a few jobs you've been putting off such as installed a new fan or light fixture, as you'll save money doing it all in one trip (ask me how I know),

Cord Organizers

Cord organizers keep electrical cords neat and out of sight. Use cable organizers, clips, and covers to keep cords tucked away. This makes your kitchen look better and reduces tripping hazards.

These cord keepers really caught my eye - and what a great idea! I'll be order more than one pack of these!

Should I get it... or forget it?

Amazon Reviews: Key Takeaway

The 6-pack of cord organizers, available in black, grey, and white, is designed to help manage cord clutter on kitchen appliances such as food mixers. The majority of users find these organizers to be effective in keeping cords tidy and out of the way, making it easier to store and move appliances on the kitchen counter.

The organizers are made of a soft, flexible material that allows them to adhere to various surfaces, including curved ones like rice cookers. This flexibility is an advantage over rigid organizers that may fall off when pulling the cord from the slot. The adhesive works well for most users, even on frequently used appliances like toasters.
To ensure proper adhesion, users recommend cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol before applying the organizer and pressing firmly for several seconds. The organizers seem to work better on circular cords, like those found on stand mixers, compared to flat cords like those on some Instant Pots. However, most users can still find a way to secure the cords and plugs effectively.

While some users prefer a smaller size, the wider surface area of these organizers allows for the flexibility needed to adhere to curved appliances. The 12-pack offers an affordable price point, making it a good value for most customers.

However, a few users have reported issues with the adhesive not being strong enough, resulting in the organizers falling off after a short period. This seems to be an isolated issue, as the majority of reviews praise the organizers' sticking power.

Overall, these cord organizers are a practical and affordable solution for managing cord clutter on various kitchen appliances, with most users finding them easy to use and effective in keeping their kitchen organized.

Hiding Dish Racks and Drying Mats

Foldable Dish Racks

Foldable dish racks are convenient and save space. These racks can be folded and stored away when not in use, keeping your countertops clear and clutter-free. I still wash dishes by hand. I did use the dishwasher for six months, then it broke. Back to handwashing!

For me, I like a stainless steel basket that stays put. But on Amazon there are aluminum X-shaped folding racks with drip trays, and a simple collapsible rack with cup hooks (remember to hang the cups upside down!).

"BBXTYLY" Expandable Roll Up Draining Rack

What really caught my eye are the new "BBXTYLY" expandable roll up draining racks. Yes, you can pull it "apart" to make it span your sink, then push it back to its original size. OK, a picture says a thousand words... see the Amazon ad!

Should I get it... or forget it?

Amazon Reviews: Key Takeaway

The extra large expandable roll-up dish draining rack by BBXYTYLY is a versatile and practical kitchen accessory that has garnered mostly positive reviews from users. Its adjustable design allows it to fit over various sink sizes, including large farmhouse sinks, making it a convenient solution for drying dishes, rinsing fruits and vegetables, or even covering the sink to prevent pets from exploring.

One of the standout features of this dish rack is its sturdiness. Users have reported that it can support heavy items like a 7-quart cast iron Dutch oven, demonstrating its durability and strength. The expandable design also ensures a secure fit over the sink, preventing the rack from sliding or moving around.

The rack is easy to use, as it expands and contracts smoothly for quick setup and storage. When not in use, it can be rolled up and stored away, saving valuable counter space. Additionally, the rack is dishwasher-safe, making cleaning a breeze.

Some users have found creative alternative uses for the rack, such as using it as a sink cover to prevent pets from accessing sponges or other items in the sink. This highlights the product's adaptability to various needs.

However, a few reviewers have suggested improvements, such as increasing the distance between the bars to accommodate larger items like sheet pans. Additionally, a small number of users have reported issues with rust spots appearing on the rack after a short period of use, which led to disappointment and a feeling of wasted money.

Despite these isolated concerns, the majority of users have expressed satisfaction with the BBXYTYLY extra large expandable roll-up dish draining rack, praising its functionality, sturdiness, and attractive appearance that complements their kitchen appliances. Overall, this dish rack seems to be a reliable and practical choice for most customers seeking a versatile and space-saving solution for their kitchen needs.

Hiding Pet Feeding Stations

Built-In Pet Feeders

Built-in pet feeders are stylish and practical. These feeders can be built into your cabinets or kitchen island, keeping pet bowls out of sight but easy for your pets to reach.

If you're having custom cabinets crafted for your kitchen, consider a pull out pet feeding station, or better yet, create a cubby hole that houses the dishes so your best buddy doesn't go thirsty...

Choose bowls that blend in with your kitchen decor or use decorative covers to hide them when not in use. This keeps your kitchen looking clean and organized.

Hiding SCRATCHED UP Kitchen Floors

Vinyl Rugs

Vinyl rugs are a stylish way to hide kitchen floors. Choose rugs that match your kitchen decor or use custom designs for a unique look. This hides unsightly floors and adds a decorative touch.


If you have hardwoods and your dog doesn't care, when it comes time to fix those scratches use wood filler by REALINN.

This is a set of 28 touch up markers, and wood putty for doors, floors, tables, and cabinets.

Should I get it... or forget it?

Amazon Reviews: Key Takeaway

The REALINN 28-set of wood filler pens and putty is a versatile and comprehensive kit designed for repairing and touching up various wooden surfaces, including doors, floors, tables, and cabinets. The set has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users who appreciate its effectiveness, ease of use, and great value for money.

One of the standout features of this set is the wide range of colors available, allowing users to closely match the color of their wooden surfaces. This is particularly useful when dealing with laminate flooring or furniture with unique patterns and shades. The inclusion of markers in the set enables users to replicate the lighter and darker lines found in wood grain, enhancing the overall appearance of the repair.

The kit contains all the necessary tools for making repairs, including a plastic putty scraper. However, some users have found that using their own tools, such as a caulk finishing scraping card, works better for their specific needs. The putty is easy to apply and dries overnight, providing a durable and long-lasting repair.

Many customers have successfully used this set to refurbish furniture pieces that have suffered damage, such as those chewed on by pets or with general wear and tear. The kit's versatility makes it a must-have for anyone looking to touch up and maintain the appearance of wooden surfaces throughout their home.

However, it is important to note that some users have reported issues with the permanence of the markers. Unlike some other brands, such as Minwax furniture markers, the REALINN markers do not allow for easy removal of any excess product outside the intended area. This means that users should exercise caution when applying the markers to avoid permanent marks on their wooden surfaces.

Overall, the REALINN 28-set of wood filler pens and putty is a highly rated and popular choice among customers seeking an affordable and effective solution for repairing and maintaining their wooden furniture and flooring. While users should be mindful of the markers' permanence, the kit's comprehensive range of colors, ease of use, and included tools make it a valuable addition to any home maintenance arsenal.

Decorative Floor Mats

Decorative floor mats are another way to hide kitchen eyesores. Use mats that match your kitchen decor or choose custom designs for a unique look. This hides unsightly floors and adds a decorative touch.

Kitchen with multiple different floor matsKitchen with multiple different floor mats - taking no chances with bare flooring here!
White kitchen with a single multicolor runnerWhite kitchen with a single multicolor runner

Hiding Walls and Backsplashes

Peel-and-Stick Tiles

Peel-and-stick tiles are a stylish way to hide walls and backsplashes. Choose tiles that match your kitchen decor or use custom designs for a unique look. This hides unsightly walls and backsplashes and adds a decorative touch.

Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative wall panels are another way to hide kitchen eyesores. Use panels that match your kitchen decor or choose custom designs for a unique look. This hides unsightly walls and backsplashes and adds a decorative touch.

wrapping It Up

In conclusion, hiding kitchen eyesores is key to making your kitchen look nice and work well. By using the creative ideas in this article, you can make your kitchen a beautiful and useful space. From smart storage ideas to stylish decor hacks, there are many ways to hide kitchen eyesores and improve your kitchen's look. So, get ready to transform your kitchen into the space you've always wanted.

How can I hide my kitchen appliances?

You can hide kitchen appliances by using built-in appliances, appliance garages, or decorative covers. These solutions help create a seamless look in your kitchen.

What are some ways to reduce countertop clutter?

To reduce countertop clutter, consider using under-cabinet storage, hidden storage spots, and keeping only essential items on display. This keeps your kitchen looking clean and organized.

How can I hide electrical outlets and cords in my kitchen?

You can hide electrical outlets and cords by using pop-up outlets and cord organizers. These solutions keep cords neat and out of sight, reducing clutter.

What are some stylish ways to hide trash and recycling bins?

Stylish ways to hide trash and recycling bins include using pull-out trash bins and hidden recycling stations. These solutions keep bins out of sight and your kitchen looking clean.

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